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2001 November: China's local UNIX 、Taicang City, province, China, Jiangsu Suzhou couei ㈲ in time, and the product inspection and modification of fabric.

2002 (2002) Co., Ltd. 93.3 Taguchi: Unix. Percent of 6.7 at Japan and Taicang, Eiji Taguchi Hiroshi permission to request for the establishment of .

2003 (2003): Taguchi Taicang Hiroe at the opening ceremony of the device.

2003 (2003): Kunihiro Su Rong in  provided by factory new factory. Working as a real  Hiroe Taguchi and Taicang.

2004, July: an inspection station, Shanghai Gaoqiao free trade. Yoshioka (China) -- in a finite complement warehouse fee) dress Co., Ltd
South Korea and Japan as Asian area, bonded fabric inspection of imported from Europe.

2006 March: Shanghai product modification field. In Shanghai only profit path arrangement Fashion Co., Ltd.)

2007: March: Shanghai product modification field.

2007 July: Overseas Gaoqiao free trade district on the opposite course.

2007 (2007): Taguchi test Suzhou Yoshitomi dress Co., Ltd established in training.

2007: closed on December Taicang Taguchi Koei, moved into the new factory.

2008 (2008): Taguchi test training Suzhou Yoshitomi dress Co., Ltd.

2011 (2011): Xiamen Yoshitomi Taguchi test set dress Co., Ltd.

2013 (25): Ji Fu Nantong Taguchi test set dress Co., Ltd.

2013 (25 August: Kon Hitoshi Yamada port inspection Yoshitomi dress Co., Ltd is scheduled to start operating.