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"Suzhou Taguchi Jifu" is composed of corporation social science team (the ichinomiya, Aichi Prefectural) literature for Development Corporation (KEK the Gifu IBI county)
Jointly funded the establishment of an independent legal entity. Company set up
The objective is to Taguchi company owned the cloth, fabric finishing, finishing business products, extended to all branches of the GF group.
Check cloth, fabric finishing the advantages of "problem" and "sewing sewing ago found before problem solving", in order to reduce non-performing rate examined in garment inspection when.
At the same time, if found problems in clothing, also can obtain the very good solution. All this is in order to reduce the loss rate of finished products.
For the purpose of. In the future, we will make great efforts to the above function is extended to the GF group each branches overseas, and through their own efforts, to provide you with better and more
Excellent service.

From product planning, production, inspection, circulation, processing, inventory management to logistics, we provide integrated logistics service chain.

Planning and production of apparel goods, inspection, inspection, shipment and delivery (matching) agency business

Japanese domestic sewing technical guidance services

Online shopping logistics, commodity shooting operations

International Logistics (transportation, customs clearance)