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Established: November 14, 2007

Opened: January 5, 2008

Capital gold: US $500000.

Investment ratio: Taguchi,, 64%,,

Hongkong Jifu,,, 34%

Opening bank: Bank of China Taicang branch

Chairman of the board of directors: Noda Kanjiro (Institute of social organization, CEO)

General manager: the student volunteer

Service content: sewing products and fabric, fabric inspection, inspection, repair & cloth dressing.

Job content: Fabric department, inspection,, cloth and weaving section, flower color, flower, hidden line, yarn knot, roving, lack of yarn, fabric defects, impurities (blow), dressing, dyeing, printing side leakage decontamination.

skew processing, shrinking, solid color, special processing.

Product department,,, Inspection & needle and color, fabric defects, disconnection, different fiber (blow), dressing, roving, spinning, yarn printing adverse, Ximi crotch, decontamination.

Special processing and waterproof, water, solid color, soft processing etc..

Staff number: 180 July 1, 2013 now

Factory area: 4450 square meters (the first workshop), 3980 square meters (second factory)

Equipment: flat inclined 2 face fabric inspecting machine, 15 sets of slope,, detection & winder,,, 2

Automatic repair station, fabric, cloth rolling machine, 8, 2,.

HASHIMA laboratory needle machine, double-head / 1,, single head / 2 manual needle detector,,, 6

Steam ironing table,,, 2, 15, cleaning gun, product inspection & repair station, by 72.

Hanger (small), 90, (,,,,, 4 big)

can hang 3000 suits.